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Google Cast for Education

Check this out!

Picture this... Sicily, 1933.... Your students have prepared awesome Google Slide presentations and you are ready to get the show on the road and have them present to the class.  "Who wants to go first?" you say, excitedly.  Naturally, all hands go up.  You pick one enthusiastic student or group, and say, "OK, great!  Did you share the presentation with me....

.... I can't find it....

.... Well, why don't you come over here and sign in at my computer, behind my desk with all my personal belongings nearby?"

5 minutes later, your student has logged off your computer, didn't save all the work you were doing on your desktop, had to sign into their account, go to THEIR Google Drive, find the presentation, then give you back control of your computer (after stepping on your coat which fell on the floor when they moved your chair) so you can project their work to the board.

NOW you are ready to go.

Except, you also have to either push the buttons to advance the slides, or have the student run back and forth from the front of the room to the desk, which is, naturally, on the complete other side of the room.

There MUST be a better way!

Well, friends, there is.  Meet Google Cast for Education.  A simple add-on that allows you to have students remotely project their Chromebook to your projector.  All it takes is some simple setup, which is outlined in the Slide presentation below.  Once you have your "Receiver" set up in your Google Chrome browser, students can request to project their screen to your projector.  All you have to do is approve the connection.

It's super easy, and works great.  Here's what you need to do:

You're welcome!

It quite literally is the best thing since sliced bread.  If you need any help, just let me know.  Leave me a voice message (link on the right side) or make an appointment for me to come help you out (link at the bottom).