Conditional Formatting

Imagine you have created a series of awesome Google Forms, or you are getting a bunch of spreadsheets from a recently Galileo assessment you've given.  You get all this data on your students' progress in multiple sheets, and you just aren't' sure where where to get started.  You have all their grades, and you import them to your SIS.  Some students you may have a quick conversation with, but for the most part, the assessment is done and you move on. In an ideal world, you'd spend some time drilling down the data, looking for trends, and adjusting your teaching to compensate.  A very worth action, but difficult to do regularly with the various other responsibilities you have.  What can you do? Conditional Formatting can help by color coding cells according to value.  This can help highlight score ranges so you know what stuck and what didn't.  Here's a quick guide to getting started. Conditional Formatting Step by Step Step 1 Take a look at a she

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